textile architecture

A luxurious 30m2 modern Islamic tent as single and double skin version. Suitable for functions or hotel suites.
vTent at night  

An iconic 500m2 tent sculpture for conventions or sports events. Fits in a 40ft container and can be erected within three days.

Beach sail with integrated loudspeakers - emitting only local sound under the covered area and not disturb adjacent areas.

      textile art

Event at No5 Cavendish Square, London. Multimedia exhibition exploring the ever blurring boundaries of different art forms: Music, Contemporary art, Sculpture, and Haute Couture.
DR silk scarf

Panuelos de seda: ‘alas del adios sin hasta pronto, Esplendor y estallido. Subespecie quisqueyana’

We have created a collection of printed silk twill scarves for el Despacho de la Primera Dama inspired by the Dominican Flag - based on new and contemporary graphics without alienating our past tradition.
 Txxtur on facebook, twitter Txxtur is a cooperation of Solange Jimenez (designer) and Matthias Hamm (architect) based in London. Txxtur produces bespoke texitle architecture for an ever mobile world and can be contacted via email:


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